Warrior Soul - Look at You Lyrics

Artist: Warrior Soul Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on The Space Age Playboys
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I'm not your steppin' stone
Your kind is lying low
The war that you never won
Laid out in the burnin' sun

I showed you your world
I tear holes through your phoney love
I saw the burning god
Covered in mud, I put him out
You want to take it all from me
I guess you'll never see
You said you'd never let it be
You're such a silly thing
I saw it burning down for you
So what you gonna do
Your mind is broken and shot through
Look at you

Look at you
Look at you, you know you're brand new

I left you out alone
You're blown out and you can't let go
See the thoughts, I don't give a damn
Kicked out of a chosen land
I wanna blow it up
I'm a force field blastin' love
I know you're on drugs

Look at you
You know you're brand new

You think you're tough well baby c'mon down
I'm gonna shove it down your two inch throat
Your stinkin' world can go to hell
Look at you

Look at you
Look at you, you know you're brand new

You look brand new
Look at you

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