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Album: Track 8 on Everyone's Little CD
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It's been like a circus in her head
And she sighs when she hears the lions roar
She can stare through the cages till the colors turn red
But she just wishes it would all go away

Of all the things she thought she'd be
It wasn't a falling-tear factory
The days she has dreamed of are trickling by
She tries to find definition in the sky

And she'd walk so far to see
A swinging lady on a tall trapeze
And she'd smile at all the movements and colors
Turn and slowly leave the place behind

She wonders where her feet are now
She wonders who'd stand with her now

The beauty of this sad story
Is that this girl is really me
And I remembered all the things He said
How He wiped away the circus in my head

And I walked so far to see
A swinging lady on a tall trapeze
And I smiled at all the movements and colors
Turned and slowly left that place behind

The peace my feet rest now
It's Your hand that pulls me through somehow (2x)


Oh the blood of Jesus (repeat 3x)
It washes white as snow
White as snow.

Oh come let us adore Him (3x)
For He alone is worthy (3x)
Christ… Christ the Lord.

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