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Album: Track 1 on Everyone's Little CD
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The first day of class, they
call out your name
and you have to reply
even if you're shy.

And if you choose to
pretend you didn't hear
They'd think that you weren't there
And they'd keep on breathing air
without you.

Cowards never win
They're torn up in the wind
And everyone forgets to ask their name
If you wonder why
people don't want to die
It's cause they're too scared to deal with their blame

If you sit through
a wedding now and then
You'll feel the heaviness in the room
rest on the bride and groom

And when they say they
understand the vows
each one gives a life
to become man and wife

Every naive dream we have
doesn't always please us
But up on every cross you bear
is the long awaited Jesus

The last day of class they
call out your name
And if you don't reply
They'll all just wonder why

Cowards never win
But when they feel the wind
They get the chance to take a brand new name
So don't believe the lie
that there's no reason you should try
Because there's a way to deal with your blame

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