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Artist: Waterdeep Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Everyone's Little CD
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She resents her own skin
She wants to fly
She's got a bend in her mind
She treats herself so unkind
She don't know why

Innocent Jane
She's got an innocent name
But in the still of the night
or in the heat of the light
she'll confess to you
that everybody's guilty
she'll confess to you
that everybody's guilty

Well, everybody can stare
They won't find nothing there incriminating
It's all buried inside
where it can stay safe and hide
latent destruction, lying in waiting

Come on, Jane, throw that stuff away
You got to let yourself die every day
Because the thief breaks in to kill and steal
He don't make no friends and his words ain't real
He will take you out and beat on you
and after all of this is through
he'll make you promise that you'll never tell
he wants your loyalty in the fires of hell
You got to run into the arms of someone kinder
Someone who doesn't care what a woman's put behind her

Just say, "Forgiver of sins,
Won't you come right on in
and in the still of the night
by a sweet candlelight
tell me how You came to be the Savior of the guilty
how You came to be the Savior of the guilty."

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