W.C. Worldwide Gunnin' Lyrics

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I can't take it no more
**** you *****s
**** you *****es
**** this rap ****
***** don't ask me for ****
I'm sick of all the cameras
**** all you scavengers
Punk *** record labels
Scandalous *** managers
I'll take this microphone and slam it
***** I ain't no rapper, hoe I'm the hoodsta wit the talent
Shaddy *** **** I'll take that *** for the scrilla
Stab you in the neck wit a rusty pair of scissors
Tie your kids to your ankels, watch you sweat and quiver
**** you in the *** wit a coat hanger *****
Wit no ?compression? for you groupies at all
I'll bite yo' nipples off and throw you in a tub of rubbin alcohol
**** all ya'll
My mado for 98
I'm lettin *****s have it
Makin the finest *****es toss my salad
Salty nutts is all I'm givin
All heel the shadiest one that ***** Dub has arisen

Every world wide gunnin
Put yo' Zigs in air
When it comes to janky **** we runnin'
Hold that ****
Light that ****
Smoke it,
When it comes to puttin this ruggish **** down yo' I'm the locest

And to the *****es
Skinny *****es
Fat bithces
Big *****es thinkin ya'll could get wit this 9 inches
Outlastin me you must be jokin
Hoe I'll leave you on the floor bleedin wit yo ***** busted open
4 play's for suckers (spits loogy)
I'll spit a loogy in your ***** **** you wit this dirty rubber
*** cheaks get smacked, clapped, waxed and smacked
**** a bed I'm leavin carpet burns all on your back
You ain't ready for a pro you still a rookie
*****, me ****in you is like stickin razor blades in your *****
Big *****es I'm tackelin and **** stabbin I'm serious
I'm even runnin red lights diggin you on your period
**** a ?*****? I'm talkin Motel 6
A tall can and a big black ashy ****
Let them other *****s treat you feed you take you home
I just wanna get a pee on and get up and I'm gone

Chorus: (2x)

Run *****s run
*****s better strap up and pack up or get slapped 'cause here I come (who)
The ***** banger dice slanger still janky
Jumpin out the Coupe wit a hand full of bloody fangers
And this ***** I'm strangelin
Heaters I'm swangin the barrel jumpin off
H double O D S T A claimin and ya'll know I'm famous
To all you ***** politicians what's crackin?
I'll greet you all wit that duce finger thumb action
To all my enemies who wanna get close to me, choke me smoke me
I'll pray to the Lord you all eat **** and die slowly
You *****s can't fade me face it my **** bangs
When it comes to puttin this gangsta **** I comes to reign
**** this industry I run wit Tune's and CJ
'cause 99.9% of you *****s is straight gay
One night here comes the hoodsta back up
And I clowns puttin the gunanunna runninunrunnin these *****s down

Chorus: (2x)

Uh, that's right
**** all ya'll
Ya'll still can't fade it
WC (mutha****a)
**** all ya'll
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