Weezer - We Are All on Drugs Lyrics

Artist: Weezer Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Make Believe
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When your out with your friends
In your new Mercedes-Benz
And you're on drugs
And you show up late for school
'Cause You think your really cool
when you're on drugs
And you put on your headphones
And you step into the zone
When you're on drugs
But the world don't care
If you are or are not there
'Cause you're on drugs

Give it to me
We are all on drugs, yeah
Never getting enough,
Never get enough
We are all on drugs, yeah
Give me some of that stuff

And you twitch in your sleep
'Cause you wanna hit the street
when you're on drugs
And you cause such a fuss 'cause
There's no one you can trust
When you're on drugs
And the best of your days
Will all vanish in the haze
When you're on drugs
And you wish you could quit
'cause you're really sick of it
But you're on drugs

I want to confiscate some drugs
I don't think that I can get enough

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