Westside Connection Terrorist Threats Lyrics

Artist: Westside Connection
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Length: 2:28

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"an open microphone can be dangerous"

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]
(duck *****, westcoast)
I can make a promise now to take your life
(westside, bustin' that janky..)
I can be that threat that make you change your life
(duck *****, westcoast)
I can make a promise now to take your life
(westside, bustin' that janky..)

[verse 1: WC]
It's about ****in' time
*****z ta came up with some real ****
and start bustin'on you ***** *****z and kill some ****
high shells and cocktails, rags on faces
a terrorist ****in' it up in chucks with fat laces
in my cutoffs I stand with triggery canon
nah *****, I ain't from the Taliban I'm from the *****ban
westside, roll 'em ************s up
call me Dub McVeigh about to blow this ************ up

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

[verse 2: Mack 10]
We got you *****z scared like a snitch and a gangsta cook out
and when the meter read red all cowards get took out
back with more firepower than before
to us a nuclear bombin' is just a drug war
and I got no gangstarizm and stardom
and got *****z shakin' that ain't even from Harlem
spit rapid fire down in the whole place
and it's hard to breathe with duck tape on your face

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

[verse 3: Ice Cube]
I'm from that WSCG car
beat you up in ER from my PR
*****, superstar, smokin' on a cigar
little homies know who the OG's are
been the **** since '86 and even right now
and gotta brag to this *****es 'bout my lifestyle
no mistake the westsider for Al-Quieda
this ain't soopafly ***** I'm a spida

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

"an open microphone can be dangerous"
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