Whigfield - Out of Sight Lyrics

Artist: Whigfield Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Whigfield
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Ah ah ah ah ah ah...
Tell me when you're out of sight
Tell me when you're out of sight
Why does it feel - why does it feel

Well at times you can be cruel
Drive me to despair
When I need you most of all
You're not there, you re not there

We're together in the day
And affection grows
But when daylight fades away
I'm alone, I'm alone

Tell me when you re out of sight
Why don't you think of me
Tell me when you re out of sight
Why do you feel so free

Boy it's time for me to say
I can take no more
Not another single day
Like before, like before

Ha ha - ha ha - out of sight
Ha ha - ha ha - oh yeah

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