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I need a woman to treat me good
And give me everything a good woman should.
Everyday and every night
She'd be waiting on her brown-eyed boy
To come and treat her right.

I'm a love hunter baby
Sneaking up on you,
I'm a love hunter baby
Sneaking up on you.
I'm gonna give you all my loving
And use my tail on you.

In my time I've been a back door man,
I've taken everything I could
But, I've given all I can.
I don't want no woman
To weep or moan,
I'm looking for a sweet heart breaker
And I'm never gonna leave her alone.

[Chorus: x2]

Cause I'm a love hunter baby,
I'm a love hunter baby

I'm a love hunter baby
Sneaking up on you.

I'm sneaking up on you.

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