Whitney Houston - I Wanna Run To You Lyrics

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I know, that when you look at me
There`s so much that you just don't see,
But if you would only take the time,
I know in my heart you'd find
Oh! a girl who's scared sometimes,
Who isn't always strong.
Can't you see the hurt in me,
I feel so all alone.
I wanna run to you.
I wanna run to you.
Won't you hold me in your arms
And keep me same from harm
I wanna run to you,
But if I come to you
Tell me, will you stay?
Or will you run away?
Each day, each day I play the role
Of someone, always in control,
But at nights, I come home and turn the key.
There's nobody there, no one cares for me, Oh!
What's the sense, of trying hard to find your dreams
Without someone to share it with.
Tell me what does it mean.

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