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Whatever you imagine
Can one day come to be
There are dreams to awaken
Roads to be taken
Follow them and they will set you free

Whatever you imagine
Is where your heart can go
There worlds filled with treasure
Time without measure
To learn whatever you may need to know

If you and I can fly past the sun
And leave all our doubts and fears behind us
You see thats just what can happen
If you look inside your mind
There no need too the wonders you can find

Whatever you imagine
Can make your life brand new
There are miracles waiting
So keep concentrating
And i promise you that if you do
Whatever you imagine can come true

(Whatever you imagine)

Whatever you imagine (whatever you imagine)
(Can make your life bandnew) Can make your life brand new
There are miracles waiting so keep concentrating
And I promise you love if you do
Whatever you imagine will come true

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