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I kept in all that stuff
and it went off like blunderbuss
it blew up on both of us
that night

our love, it came forcing
crappy crumb and mere morsel
this animal was felt unfull
at one time

ragged and hungry
like something gone stray
tonight please, my baby, beseech me to stay

just so you know,
these are my only clothes
rip them for me
your body can be my robe, oh

baby I, I'm round the back
rummaging through all the scraps
all this time that has elapsed

ragged and hungry, I come to your door
don't say that I'm not welcome anymore

just so you know,
I've nowhere else to go
don't turn me away now
you're the mecca to whom I bow

darling, when we're thrown back in
to the darkness, to the darkness with everyone
be sure it's me you go for
cos there's a likeness, there's a likeness to everyone

ooh, ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh, ooh

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