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Album: Track 6 on Carpe Diem
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which you can not pick up and dissolve selfish intentions
how do you carry, do you pick up your broken spirit
from the ashes through the tears of self-pity
who can show - show me the road back home
who can perform a procedure of disembowelment
I don't even know how or where to start the incision
but for now I will dig the grave
because who knows how long I can afford the plot
the headstone will read here lies
all the bottled thoughts of
too frightened to be corked
these contents may be buried too deep
for all of his fears to
to be audible
sweetheart I'm counting on you
to see through my soil
and raise me to the surface
please pick up the shovel and dig
I request this of you
to set this fool free
raise my spirit to the sanctuary
of our union let... let us praise
life into my dead soul
you can see me through the smoke
you can see me past the mirrors that I dance around
you can see me through the smoke
you can see me past the mirrors that I dance - THAT I DANCE AROUND!
bring this dead soul back to life
and set your fool free
bring it back to life
and set... set your fool free

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