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f/ Choice

(...to pay my respects to - pussy)

[ Willie D ]
I ain't had no pussy all goddamn day
My dick is achin for some play
I gotta wear a jockstrap, y'all
Cause my dick keeps bustin out my goddamn drawers
I need some pussy this muthafuckin minute
Show me some pussy and I'ma go up in it
I'm so damn horny tonight for smash
That I'd fuck Whoopie Goldberg ugly ass
I need some pussy

[ Willie D ]
Pussy, pussy, pusssy..

[ Choice ]
Willie Dee, make a wish, fuck that bitch
I got plenty of pussy for yo hard-ass dick
No bangin for pleasure when we're bonin
Cause Choice'll give it to ya like you want it
I spread my legs wide open, let you work that cock
If you get tired, rest and I get on top
That'll be satisfaction guaranteed
I be here for you baby, whenever you need

[ Willie D ]
Pussy, pussy, pusssy..

[ Willie D ]
My dick is harder than a muthafuckin goddamn rock
I need pussy like a hog needs slop
It's happened before, but it's worse tonight
Because i'm callin up bitches that I don't even like
I'll fuck you bitch, just ask me
As long as the muthafuckin pussy ain't nasty
Whoever I fuck is gonna wish
She never ever felt this hardy-yardy-ass dick
I need some pussy

[ Willie D ]
Pussy, pussy, pusssy..

[ Choice ]
Good love is what I'll be givin ya
I got a pussy 'bout the size of Bolivia
So let me know when you wanna scramble
Ain't a man in the world that Choice can't handle
Don't have to worry 'bout the clinic when I play fussy
I got some nice, clean, good pussy
And if you lose your balance, don't feel bad
I got plenty of ass for you to grab
A queen on the scene when it comes to sex
Other bitches are peachy but I'm rated x
I be your lady, not your bitch or your skeezer
Pick up the phone, I'm all alone if you need some

[ Willie D ]
Pussy, pussy, pusssy..

[ Willie D ]
I need some pussy and I'm comin to get it
I'm packin horse dick, so get the Vaseline ready
And have a Tampon or Cotex around
Cause I'ma fuck ya till your muthafuckin period come down
You say it ain't no man you can't handle
I put humps in your back like a goddamn camel
Yo, I run a mile for speed
And still I'll fuck any pornstar that you ever seen
Pussy, pussy, pussy, that's what I want
When I get to your pad, don't say that you don't
Wanna let my bone, meet your ham
Cause I'll strip you butt-naked and take yo goddamn

[ Willie D ]
Pussy, pussy, pusssy..

(Pussy -
Pussy ain't nothin but a greasy split
The ass though ain't but an inch from it
And if you miss that greasy split
You will end up in a bowl of shit)

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