Willie Nelson I Don't Do Windows Lyrics

Artist: Willie Nelson
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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You treated me like a doggone dog for so long
But I went along to keep peace in our home
But there's some things that I just won't do
I think it's time that I told them to you
I don't do windows and I won't go to hell for you

Although honey, hell is what you put me through
I'll do the clothes if you won't come unglued
And I'll clean the stove to keep you in a good mood
But you've been mean to me sometime
I think I better tell you what's on my mind
I don't do windows and I don't come to work 'til nine
And if you make me mad, I won't come to work any time

Honey, I'm tired of being just one of your toy
And there's one more thing that you don't understand
I wanna be treated like a natural man
I don't do windows and I don't play second hands
I said I don't do windows and I won't ? in your pants
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