Winter - Blackwhole Lyrics

Artist: Winter Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Into Darkness / Eternal Frost
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Decorate my fears
Alluring shadows of unrest
Drawing near

Pain and pleasure
Once captured the devil's[?] fear
The place of doom shall pierce my heart no more
Frost historic[?] winds blown by reddest[?] rage


We rape the earth
Polluting minds
Enforce the laws
[something indecipherable]
Replace the forest
With concrete and steel
To the darkness
With my [a] shadow [something indecipherable]

Tears of anguish foreclose
My heart is condemned
Separation of immortality laws [lies] within

Storms caused by the dark lord
For eternity return no more

Witness the [something indecipherable] winds
Dreams now reality
The season [s] buried for ages
Released by false greed

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