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I am the night, I am the day, I am the light gon astray
the fear that's in your bones
that is I, I am the taker of souls
shout, my name at the heavens and be cast to fire
hold my hands as we roam with the pack
cause evil is our lair
Sentinels of pain on a mission once again
he sends, them out to roam
half dog men and their knives, haunting your lives
pray, it's good to pray, in our masses we shall say
he is no more and will be dead
though he is laughing beside you instead
I am the king, I need no queens nor friends
you bow before me because blood is my feast
and fear is my staff
and I will come to take you and yours away
listen to me my child I'll feed your body
free your mind, come closer if you dare
to this manner of beast

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