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Wake up child don't be afraid
I'll be here every night and all day
don't look sad ain't nothing you can do
you're born unto me a part of you
I.O.U. you're what I got
I own you that counts for a lot
listen child don't you know
til your old enough what I say is so
night has come so be brave
mommie's asleep now it's time to play
here in our home we call our home
with all you sick freely roam
who force themselves upon their own
can you deny it's going on
don't you cry you've done nothing wrong
just keep daddy smiling
it's the way things are done
it's alright we've done this before
now turn of the lights and close the door
now child who are you gonna tell
it's our little secret
we'll take straight to hell
and you can't deny me not if you love me
I've done so much for you it's your turn
to give me time to give me

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