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Album: Track 9 on Wondermints
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Got a letter - maybe better that I get a piece of you instead.

All the chatter doesn't matter when you realize it wasn't read.

Can't be nothing when it's something that will get

attention anyhow,

Like a doggy in the window with his head a-going up

and down.

Sister Suzie with an Uzi that eventually got her fame.

Next door neighbors doing favors for a pipe dream in

the media drain.

"She was always such a quiet...such a quiet neighbor

of a girl."

But no one asked her what it's like to be a stranger in a

stranger world.

Have a vision in collision with the vehicles you had to rent.

Loud as honey dripping money for ideas in retirement.

Little Brother watching Big Brother watching for a

thought disease.

And no one caught 'em picking petals in the minds

of psychodaisies.

Stop the world, stop the world, I'm a global

village idiot.

As it turns, as it turns out to be the biggest job

I forget

Tone of silence rings the violence like a halo resting

on the horns.

Make the angels so pathetic with their cybernetic

crown of thorns.

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