Wyrd - Autumn Lyrics

Artist: Wyrd Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Vargtimmen, Part 1: The Inmost Night
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Summer bleeds its last shades of green
To the darkened pool of dead emotions
Pond of decayed dreams and withered love
Why should I carry on, when all hope is gone?
Come the autumn, come the rain
Wash away all the bitterness and hate
Fall - Come the autumn
Fall - Come the rain
Carve it to the firs, carve it to the oaks
Scream it to the stars, shout it at the world
Dwelling in self-pity, in self-caused pain
All bridges burnt, the only way is down
Come the autumn, come the rain
Come the nightfall, welcome death
Fall - Come the autumn
Fall - Come the rain
Fall - Come the end.

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