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Writer(s) : JASON HUNTER
Artist: X Clan Lyrics
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OUTRAGE!! [Brother J] Blood to the concrete, tears to soil And here's another word to make the other man foil War, raised on your planet to a caveboy oppressor Great one sends the aggressors Thought we weren't comin but it seems you made an error Wrench in the mill work, systematic terror has arrived Cornered by the order Checkmate sucker, not a move, game's over! Clocks bending backwards, many cannot get with me A logical man, I'm the epitome My black folks travel hard with claws of steel Hearts kneel to the raw that speaks the deal Vanglorious, voice of the many Voice of the many of the man want to get me It's not safari, so don't make a move Protection is the reason it's a different groove Sun up to sun down yo check the time Mystic magic is more than a rhyme I bring a little taste of the unearthed bass Problem with the truth? Then bring it to my face I'm outraged as I write the page A sun forged sword mince a wimp twelve gauge any day my son, I don't like guns I don't like roses that I step on for fun in the first place, 3rd Bass? I'm at home Waitin for the pitch so I can chrome your dome A Brother grand slam cuts a vine like butter Pick up my monkey and back to the mother On to the road to pimp the unpimpable The untouchable, doin the impossible Kill the world of the age it flees Ignorance swoops at the vulture's knee It's time to make a step, it's time to make a move Time for the nation, it's time for the groove [Professor X] No justice, no peace! The definition; you ****, with a nightSTICK Here's a Nat Turner LICK Freedom, or death! Yusef, to the crossroad I'm there! [Brother J] Walkin through the streets with a great war cry Had enough and not another one dies Nine to the rescue, run the path Down to the mortals, and lead the wrath (?) what we talk is with the squealing of pigs "Them *****z don't have permits and them takin the bridge" What can you do, what can you say? Life in the zero, the game we play Fist up to get down, always ready to step And if they hit me with that stick yo man I'll break your beck I'll walk with the lions, stalk with the elephant Pivot like gorilla, pigs become irrelevant And you persist with legalities I resist and rebel cause I'm reality And while I'm boomin this, I'm not a Humanist I'm just a pro-black ***** and I'm doin this And don't you try to prove, that you can make a move Because I'm outraged devil, it's a different groove And if you come again, this ****'ll never end And we will fight through time through the very end You get my point son? You get my point dad? I'm goin back to your caves and I'm quite bad I do a war dance, and cause a avalanche And do the great pimp strut cause I'm a black man! [Professor X] You see?! We've been here before The background then; the pyramids The background now? The Statue of Liberty Listen; the mission, Blackwatch! The destination - the crossroad And all pigs, step off! SISSSSSSYYYY!

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