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Album: Track 7 on More Fun in the New World
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xXX facts we hate: we'll never meet.
walking down XXX road. Everybody yelling
"hurry up!" "hurry up!" But i'm waiting
for you, I must go slow. I must not
think bad thoughts. When is this
world coming to? Both sides are
right but both sides murder. I
give up; why can't they? I must
not think bad thoughts. xXX civil
wars and XXX uncivilized wars.
conflagrations leap out of every
poor furnace. xXX food cooks
poorly and everyone goes hungry.
from then on it's dog eat dog, dog
eat body, & body eat dog. I can't
go down there. I can't understand it.
I'm a no good coward & an american too.
a north american, that is not a south
or a central. Or a native american.
oh i must not think bad thoughts. I'm
guilty of murder of innocent men,
innocent women, innocent children,
thousands of them! My planes, my guns,
my money, my soldiers, my blood on ny
hands, it's all my fault! I must not
think bad thoughts. I must not think
bad thoughts. xXX facts we hate:
you'll never hear us.
"I hear XXX radio is finally gonna
play new music, you know, XXX
british invasion." But what about
XXX Minutemen, Flesh Eaters, DOA,
Big Boys. And XXX Black Flag? Will
XXX last american band to get played
on XXX radio please bring XXX flag?
please bring XXX flag! Glitter-disco-
synthesizer night school. All this
noble savage drum, drum, drum.
astronauts going back in time to hang
out with XXX cave people. It's about
time, it's about space. It's about
some people in XXX strangest place.
woody guthrie sang about b-e-e-t-s
not b-e-a-t-s. I must not think
bad thoughts, I must not think
bad thoughts, XXX facts we hate:

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