X-Fusion - Defiled and Raped Lyrics

Artist: X-Fusion Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Rotten to the Core
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Dark corner Guarded by night I'm haunting you To fulfill my wish Disguised and armed Waiting for you To rape your body And abuse your soul Your fingernails Are grating my skin Bloodcurdling screams Are begging me on Your killing glace Is raising my greed Your cold sweat Satisfies my thirst No relief, no escape No salvation Defiled and raped Your cries for help Will never be heard Now call my name And pule for mercy Try to resist Try to get away Your end is near Accept your fate See my cynical smile You'll never forget And my greedy eyes Which are disporting You're squirming below For nothing You got no chance Too bad No relief, no escape No salvation Defiled and raped

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