Y&T - Temptation Lyrics

Writer(s) : Brown, Darrell R / Sanford, Ed
Artist: Y&T Lyrics
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Here we are, just you and I alone,
The passions high, we both know this wrong,
You've got a lover, and baby so do I,
Temptations burning deep inside

I close my eyes, And I can feel you next to me,
Oh so long, my secret fantasy,
You like the danger,
But I don't like the price we'll pay, I can't fight this

Now I"m in the danger zone,
You make it so hard to say no,

Now just leave a good thing alone
It's not to late, to turn and walk away,
It's getting harder, the longer that you stay,

Don't lead me on girl, just turn your pretty head and walk away,
Your drivin me insane

(Temptation) I can't fight this,
(Temptation) Ohhhhh yeah yeah,
(Temptation) Well I'm in the danger zone,
(Temptation....) You make it so hard to say no,
(Temptation....) Now just leave a good thing alone,
(Temptation....) Cause we both now this is wrong,
(Temptation....) Just turn your head and walk away,
(Temptation....) It's getting harder the longer you stay,
(Temptation....) Ohhh don't lead me on don't lead me on,
(Temptation....) Cause your drivin me insane,
(Temptation....) Ohhhh your drivin me insane,
(Temptation....) Don't lead me on, don't lead me on,
(Temptation....) Your my secret fantasy.........

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