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Writer(s) : Feldmann, John / White, Schuyler / Nally, Eric / Nauth, Alex
Artist: YES Lyrics
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Money high, money low
Money come, money go.
Don't worry me
Don't worry me

(Money don't buy)

The things that we like, the things that we love
The things that we have, so high above
Don't bother me
(It doesn't even matter to you)
Don't bother me
(money doesn't grow on trees)
Just don't worry!

Now listen!

Suns do shine, moons do glow
Simplicity everyone knows
Don't hurry me
(I'm in the middle of a dream)
Don't hurry me
(It's not at all the way it seems)


Money so high, money so low
Money to count, money to go
It won't be there where I go
(Where is that you're going to? )
It won't be there where I go
(Where is that you're going to? )

Just won't be there
No way!

[Screw anything you can, and I'm trying
To do that with the country]

Do wop
Da da da

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