Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day Lyrics


publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: William Scott Bruford, Rick Wakeman, Jonathan Elias, John Anderson
album: No. 5 track in album Union
release date: 1991-4-29
popularity : 9 users have visited this page.
length: 5:19
assistant engineer: Sophie Masson, Lolly Grodner
additional engineer: Buzz Burrowes, Chris Fosdick
engineer: Brian Foraker
drums: Bill Bruford
keyboard: Rick Wakeman
guitar: Steve Howe
bass guitar: Tony Levin
mix: Brian Foraker
producer: Jonathan Elias
associate producer: Jon Anderson
background vocals: Chris Squire
lead vocals: Jon Anderson

Cover Art

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Hold still now for the moving information close to you
You could never force it in your life: this decision to break it
Without hope, you cannot start the day

It's coming clear I've noticed
It's a different face you're showing
It's another "Welcome Back"
I don't imagine it could be this way -- So jealous!
Only you can tell it; tell me why
Only you call tell it
Only you can say
In between this moving out to save your soul it came away
And took it out
Oh why?

Fire burning wild, burning in the night, chasing in the wind
Shadows always dance in the rain, ringing into the fire
Doesn't matter who, who can see in the smile
Hope in the rain, open the flame, coming back in the night
I can see the rhythm of the rain; I can see it shout back under

I can see what you're thinking of
I can see what you think you need
I can see what you're thinking of
I can see that it must be love

Shadows come alight from the vision that flowed
Shake it off - Passion is the flame that fired
Does it matter? Can you give? Can you hear it come?
Can you see you're like?
What's the matter? Don't you want to risk? Don't you want to hold me?
Hold me, dance in the rain
I can see the love in your eyes; I can see you coming

I can see what you're thinking of
I can see what you think you want
I can see what you're thinking of
I can see that it must be love

Sweet suffering, love protection need it, you need come to me
Believe it, better by far, your heart is there
Most of all: believe it
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