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Artist: Yeti Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Legend of Yeti Gonzales
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There's too many voices living in my head
and when I go to sleep at the night they stay awake instead
and they make me take a walk in the middle of the night
and they slice people, dice people on my midnight flight
I don't want to do it
but they make me do it
Please don't put me through with my midnight flight
I wake up in the morning and I think its just a dream
but then i see the bodies on my tiny TV screen
I put my plastic clothing in my washing machine
and it clenses my senses of the horrors that they've seen
Something isn't normal
but I can't describe normal
Please don't make me normal, make me obscene
I don't grow but the death toll does
they wonder why we do it but the answer's just "because"
Last night I ate the heart of a girl of age just two
and when her mother found her, you should have heard her coo:
"oh my little baby
killed by someone crazy
let's hope it's just a phase he's going through"
Cause I'm not understanding
You can't foresee the ending
well, there's no use pretending
the sky is blue

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