Yonder Mountain String Band - Darkness and Light Lyrics

Artist: Yonder Mountain String Band Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Elevation
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There was a soldier, there was a lady, there was a lover, who live in town
There was a battle, in that far country, to that dark land was that old soldier bound
He held his true love, he kissed her softly, said ?Darlin? fear not, I?ll come back around?
From a rear window, the lover watching?watching as her tears fell to the ground
The nights grew cold, her heart grew lonely, along the streets she would walk and she?cry
Her heart was tender, her thoughts went yonder, she?d gently kiss the ring she?d wear upon her finger

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
But passion makes the fire bright
Loneliness and Confusion
Darkness and Light

One night while dreamin?, she saw her true love, by the old rock he sat a-weepin?
His eyes were shinin?, his head turned skyward, asking ? God above, how could this be??
She jumped up from her bed, her heart was pounding?she went out to calm herself in the cool night air
She started roamin?, by the edge of town, while the lover watched her go all alone
She soon grew weary, her body tired, by an old rock wall she settled down
Her lover approaching?approaching gently, lonely love was his favorite hunting ground
The very next morning, the lady rising, she felt confusion, like never before
She awoke in her own bed with a tender feeling thought she heard the sound of her sweet soldier aproachin
A knock came upon the door, she jumped up running, only to see a strange soldier with medals a-shinin?
He said ?Sad lady?sad news I bring you?Your soldier died last night while the bullets were flyin?
No, no, no, this can?t be?for just last evening, my soldier sang to me love?s true song?
Wracked with confusion, she fell a-weepin?, while the lover, from his window watched all along?

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