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Album: Track 1 on Old Hands
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Dixie was the pride of Alabama
I met her on a lonesome midnight train
Rollin' slowly out of Union Station
She was staring out the window at the rain

Well Dixie was from sunny Alabama
Those old steel rails would roll to Birmingham
Mobile, her final destination
I looked down at the ticket in her hand

Southbound train it ain't you I know that done her wrong
Say again that you seen it coming all along
All that she knew those sweet memories it's true
Dixie darling caught her southbound train

Dixie asked if I'd been to Alabama
Her voice was thick like some old southern night
And maybe for the sake of conversation
I said back in '88 or '89 (2)

She said her daddy's fields were full of cotton
By the river that she swam in as a child
Lord she loved those sweet magnolia blossoms
And that good ol' Honeysuckle growing wild

[ Chorus ]

Dixie told me how she got to Denver
A southern gal who coudn't stand the cold
She fell in love and left Mobile forsaken
Mistaken for a dusty pot of gold

Dixie let the pieces fall together
And painted up this picture in my mind
Mobile, Alabama was a-callin' her back
And the Pride of Alabama was on time

[ Chorus ]

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