Yonder Mountain String Band - Red Tail Lights Lyrics

Artist: Yonder Mountain String Band Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Town by Town
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The sun is setting out my window
Only empty fields and a lone silo
In this kind of light things seem so strange
And an archland burns far away

I had a girl I thought was true
But i turn around and she made me blue
Now many miles keep us apart
And I don't know what's in my heart

But I love you tonight, I'll love you tomorrow
Let my headlights shine through the pouring rain
You see my red tail lights, I'm gone again

--Instrumental (mandolin)--

Maybe some day the road I ride
Won't seem so long to me inside
And the path I take will be a rocky one
But it's mine, and mine alone


--Instrumental (accoustic guitar, fiddle)--


You see my red tail lights, I'm gone again.

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