Do It Like Me Lyrics

Young Buck

publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Derrick Prosper, David Brown, M Clervoix, C Burnette
album: Track 2 in album Straight Outta Ca$hville
release date: 2004-8-23
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta
length: 3:52

Cover Art

Young Buck Straight Outta Ca$hville cover art
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All my thugs and thugettes
Walk where I walk, see what I see
Now I welcome you all to Cashville, Tennekee
All my life, I hustle'd all night
Now I'm alright, my wrist is all ice
And I did it all, without ya'll advice
I done been to hell and back, twice

You can't do it like me!

Now as the world turns, I let my bud burn
Police writin' down my tags, like I'm concerned
I graduated from the nickels and dimes
You need the F.e.d.'s *****, to come get mine
Get on the grind hoe, and stay the **** up outta mine fo'
The kid's find daddy lay'd out with his eyes closed
I know, can't be humble in the jungle
Give a ***** an inch, he'll take a whole mile from ya'

So I bust first, **** this earth *****
What's worse? wakin' up in the pen, or sleepin' up under the dirt
Boo yow! Is the sound of the 40 cal
Ak's banana clips hold a 100 rounds
Test me, rude boy don't want none
Got Jamaican's and Hesian's buck, buck, buckin' they gun
Where the hood at? *****, that's where I come from
Where shoot dice, snort white, sell crack and heroine

[Chorus: ]
You can walk like I do, and talk like me too
But nobody gon' rock with you
'Cause you can't do it like me (nah, you can't do it like me)
Hold on a second homie, lets get this clear}
You can walk like I do, and talk like me too
But nobody gon' rock with you
'Cause you can't do it like me (cuz, you can't do it like me)
Hold on a second homie, lets get this clear}

Somebody tell me what this world comin' to
Why they go get they metal detector's when we come through
Yah, I know we got beef, and *****s say they want to kill us
But you can't get mad, 'cause the whole world feel us
Do the math, half of these *****s lying in they rhymes
They don't even read the paper work, just sign on the line
I got a 9, and a heart to go get mine
And I'll be god damn, if I take a loss this time

I'm fishline, in the water, nibble only to get caught
May I take ya' order? yah, I can get it in new york
See the streets know, this ***** here'll let the heat go
Be low, don't be no mutha****in' hero
A kilo'll get a ***** whole click killed
You ain't gotta spend ****, *****s'll hustle up a mill
When you live with all the roaches, you kill all the rats
And the thugs, that ain't focused, get they head cracked

[Chorus: ]

I know I got a dirty mouth, ***** I'm from the south
I'm nuthin' like what you done seen or you done heard about
I'm in my best on the block, a vest and a glock, and the rest in my sock
Unless I was Pac, you won't see me with a cross on my back
Gotta do my own thang, can't copy that cat
Let me holla at ya' for a minute man'ne
If ya stand for nuthin' *****, you'll fall for anythang
I'm bustin' any brain, they say that I'm insane
But I came in this game with cocaine in my veins
What I'm sayin', that I'm trained to go and turn a penny to a 20
You complain, I'd rather work with what he sent me, ain't it strange?
How I went from a Hoopty to a Bentley, I ain't changed
I'm in the hood, you want me? come and get me
Feel my pain, but don't feel sorry for me
'Cause they're some kids in Samalia with nuthin' to eat

[Chorus: ]

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