Can't Stop Won't Stop Lyrics

Young Gunz

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length: 2:32

{intro-Young Chris} & Neef. Six figure, woo, uh youngunaz(yungunaz)Chris and Neef (that's right) .
Jeah, uh,this official state P.representers, Jeah, woo,woo aah
{Chorus-Young Chris}
Can't stop, won't stop, Rocafella records'cause we, we get down bady, we get down baby,
The girls, the girls, they love us
cause we stay fresh to death, we the best nothing less
{Verse 1-Young Chris}
They don't make us so break us,when they make up to break up (No)
See the Jacob,fix they lil' make up(uh)
That's them youngunaz, Chris and Lil Neefy
Wishing they were the one what Chris got a lil'Kee Kee (That's right)
Home base Sham Coo back dere(uh huh)
Keep ya mouth shut, we might do that dere
Yep, it's only right, that the whole block stares
Hop out the bimp, with blue and white airs
When i say move ***** lets go and get left yo
Miami feelin my begets so my whole neck glow
Say I'm young but i can sex though
Now could it be I'm the one ladies check fo'
Yes hoe, got grown women my momma age, **** me all kind of ways
Suck and swallow everything,way before them rhyming days
Naw it ain't bout the age, it's all in the stroke
*****es thought i was a joke, 'til thy got my jammies, HEY!
{chorus x2}
{Verse 2- Neef}+ {Young Chris}
Yep, it's only right we don't feed 'em no cash
We ain't flea 'em and pass soon when we see 'em we pass 'em'

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