Young Scooter Probation Lyrics

Artist: Young Scooter
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30 year probation, keep on callin me
Want me to turn myself in and say fuck the streets
Like if I’m out here starving they gon give me some
Don’t care bout what the fuck I do, don’t go to court for nothing
Gotta pin this on my time, bitch I’m from the gutter
You could keep on lookin for me, I’mma keep 100

The police asking questions bout how yo case
They say I took a million dollars from the estate
90 thousand cash, only out in a day
I say the word nigga, you could die today
I just got a let a judge to drug test me
They know I got drugs in every intestine
I’m always hot, I’m guilty as my video
I’m always blowin OG kush and pullin fool
Anything you want nigga pull up
I’ll meet you anywhere nigga I don’t give a fuck
Draw yo pistol, damn I won’t give it up
Real street nigga, that’s how we live it up
Now they tryna charm me with bribery
Tryna tie my name in them robberies
I got owls in the drug house, lot of groceries
You’ve ptobably listened to my music, scared to shop with me
But if you from the streets then you know how it be
Anything for profit when you on E
I’m in the streets, motherfuck the industry
It’s Free Band Gang, fuck the police