U Love 2 Hate Lyrics


publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Jerold Ellis, Mike Dean
album: Track in album Thugged Out: The Albulation
release date: 1998
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length: 4:04
producer: Mike Dean

Cover Art

Yukmouth Thugged Out: The Albulation cover art
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It's that ***** you Love 2 Hate!
You love 2 hate!
This the song I dedicate to *****s who love to hate!
Look me in my face, I'm that ***** you Love 2 Hate!
Yes! (Fire! Fire! Fire!)
It's that ***** you Love 2 Hate!
***** you Love 2 Hate.
Stop it.
(Ah, ah)
***** you Love 2 Hate.
*****, I ain't fake!

Before this rap ****
I used to slang crack wit ghetto bastards
Pack automatic gats an kept scratch up under the mattress
**** this rap ****
Yay wrapped in plastic everyday practice
Runnin' away from task tactics
Hop fences leavin' 'em *** backwards
Before this music
I used to be the Ice Cream Man since 1992 biatch!
Don't you hear the mutha ****in muzik?
I got a head but ain't no screws in it, losin' it
Slangin' narcotics, them men two steps away from usin' it
Abusin' it
I moved then it was all bad
It seemed like soon as a ***** moved, then it was all bad
Because of this music, my whole block double crossed me
Got shot in the ***, bra
But ain't no love lost see
'cause now I have yo *** off the g's
An *****s found off the beach, wit holes up in they body for tryin' to
Double cross me
I could move across seas, and outta state
Smokin' weed
Hand yo *** an 8 to smoke to the face
Ya still hate *****.

'cause I'm that ***** you Love 2 Hate
Tell yo ***** it's that ***** you Love 2 Hate
Smoke-A-Lot, Regime, ***** you Love 2 Hate
Album to the face, ***** you Love 2 Hate
Yes, it's that ***** you Love 2 Hate
Young *****, wit money, you Love 2 Hate
Mutha ****as lookin' at me funny, you Love 2 Hate
Check it.
***** uh.

Is it because I went on tour wit Biggie Smalls?
Or is it because yo ***** will to drop to the floor an lick my balls?
Or is it because a ***** sky ball, since juvenile hall?
To make these *****s straight talk ****, about me in front of they
Broads, listen!
Or is it because I'm ridin' around in Range Rove's?
4 point 6, G-S 400 on dubb mo-mo's
An both of my ****'s got T.V.'s in 'em, what you don't know
What the **** you grind fo?
Juss to pay note to the nine-four
I'm ridin' 9-8 ****
Is that the reason for all the hatred
I flipped Townhouse, you still at mom's house basement
Mad, walkin around tellin my friends I ain't ****
Back when, you used to be that ***** who I smoked my dank wit
Rob a bank wit, because I trust you
Probably take a slug fo you
But now a ***** got no love fo you
Best friends became enemies for centuries
An jealousy juss means you mutha ****as envy me.


It's that ***** you love 2 hate
Labeled to the face, ***** you love 2 hate
Drugged out, smoothed out, you love 2 hate
Poppin Xtacy an ****, ***** you love 2 hate
I'm that ***** you love 2 hate
Tell yo potnas it's that ***** you love 2 hate
Playa hate all the time, you love 2 hate
Why you hate me *****?

Is it because yo ***** love me?
Or is because I stay whipped in all the latest rugby's
Thugged out, sippin' bubbly
"Da Good, Da Bad, Da Ugly", ***** finally livin' lovely
Signin' autographs
Lil kids run up an hug me
I'm from where they from, I was raised by crackheads an junkies
High school flunky
Too busy out there tryin' to get my money
Hungry, I had to get it myself nobody dishin' fo me
An now my *****s mad, claim that I ain't dishin' fo he
But **** ya'll *****!
What the **** you done fo me?
But talk **** behind my back, and try an smoke my weed
Or is it because I used to funk wit $hort an Master P
Hatin' *****s after me, but now won't capture me
***** you can't even go gold
What the **** you sold?
Five thousand units, ***** my **** went platinum across the globe
Or is it because these fake *** hoes claim they got my baby
Act shady, an crazy, reverse the game an now them *****es pay me
The day a ***** signed wit Prince J
Got rid of them other *****s, became my own sensai
Smoke-A-Lot, I got to record lable also
Phats, L.Q., Maxx, KeKe, my ***** Gonzoe
Colloso, cheddar to make the nitros soggy
Ridin' Harley's, die smokin' juss like Bob Marley
I died in the wide open, at the Mobb party
Wit yo eyes open, slugs through yo hard body
Pick up
'Cause it's that ***** you love 2 hate
Sincerely yours mutha ****a
You love 2 hate!
Yours truly.
Done deal.
That ***** you love 2 hate

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