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Artist: Yung Joc Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on New Joc City
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[Chorus x2]
Ever seen a do or die, ride or die ***** (I'm him)
Ever seenn a ***** flip a pie quicka (I'm him)
Have ya ever seen a young, fly ***** (well I'm Him)
Have ya ever (I'm him)
Have Ya ever (I'm him)

I'm a grown man,lil boy get gone, dis is my life,my hustle,my song.
Is ya mad, Ima mastermind, hit ya wit da 4-5 leave ya *** absent mind. me a **** boy?
Dats absent mind, ain't nan notha chevy out here fast as mine.
26 no inh wit da Alpine, I meet a *****, break a ***** in my past time.
I'm da truth dog, dats my word, Do ya self a favor, don't get served.
And if ya got questions dis da business,Stay on top of ya competition.
If ya work good, jus hold out.
So, when da drowt come erybody sold out. dats when ya doulbe up den watch it bounce back.
Do dat again times 10 den ya count dat.

[Chorus x2]

In 88' I took ya Jays and ya bomber coat.
Now days its ya jays and bomber coke.
Y'all cats turn gangsta on pro toons, Ima professional gangsta wit pro toons.
Ya got beef? Whoa man, ta me you as soft as a woman.
*****es will never know how I get mine, when I put her on da track better get mine.
Yeah, dats how its done round here, quiet as kept ***** I'm da Don round here.
Now check my rapsheet, I ain't a convict,
Go jail get right out, ain't dat Don ****.

[Chorus x2]

I know a lot of cats, real hood *****s.
Some kill, some steal, some good *****s.
But dey will never be quite like me, I love da mighty dollar dat excites me.
Yung J-O-see come see me. I got heat see it up close,3-D.
I give ya brain freeze, I'm so raw.
Like coke turn ya cabbage into cole slaw.
Squeeze tricks, split ya wig ike a mohawk.
Ya brought it on yaself,
Its yo fault.
Now erybody on da block know who did it, but uhh where ya body and da dope?
Man I hide it.

[Chorus x2]

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