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Writer(s) : Jorgensen, Jos / Hansen, Mich / Belmaati, Joseph / Love, Andrew Nicholas
Artist: Z-Ro Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Z-Ro vs. The World
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[Hook: Tanya Herron]
Why, do we live this way
So many murders, where the children play
And it's about, to make me lose my mind
We're running out of time, too many of my people dying

Day by day it's more impossible, to hold on
I'm going head up with the shadow of death, and getting stole on
Will I survive, is God gonna come and save me
I started out as a Christian, now look at how this world made me
I'm crazy, and I can't make it no better
Cause I can't stand none of my friends, my only love is for the cheddar
I remember, sipping on Tangaray and getting high
Down with eachother, long as we was barely getting by
We grown men, and all living in sin
Shooting a kite to my people, cause he in prison again
Letting him know that the streets ain't changed, still wicked
Plus I been burying so many ************s, we bound to kick it
Up close and personal, cause *****z be pushing my button
I handle my bidness, and exit they homes gangsta strutting
One deep, nobody's got my back
************s just be hanging around me, because I rap
Trying to stab me in my back, and if they could they would
That's why I pack my twin *****es, cause I don't even feel safe in the hood
At least on lock, you know what the danger is and what's not
Free world you'll be evicted, when a coward bust shots
That's the life cycle, kick it with real *****z
And never let the shife by you, because the devil is they idol
Man they tied up my *****, and sawed off his head
The cold part about it, they ain't even take no bread

My ***** Grady took seven shots, and one bullet hit him twice
Although he's blessed, my ***** just can't leave the thug life
You know it's ****ed up, both of us was in class with honors
But soon would drop out, addicted to cash and marijuana
And the fast life, we bled the whole hood last night
Hard headed dumb *****z, just trying to get they cash right
Hustling, hoping we can get a million
But like a chameleon, ***** the game done changed
Wish it would rain sometime, to help a ***** wash away the pain sometime
I shed ghetto tears daily baby, I can't hide the fact
Feeling like everybody's out to get me, so I don't hide my strap
I ride like that, with one up in the chamber
On my block if you ain't got a glock, you's in danger
Continuously head busting for nothing, my friends and my enemies
Nothing but recollection, as I remember the memories
If I could be like Jesus, I'd spread the love
But I can recognize the demons, so I spread the slugs
These ************s say they love me, but I'm peeping they lies
Feel like jealousy and envy, when I look deep in they eyes
That's a friend for you, laced up with your girl and then try to
Spend your ends for you, and when it's drama they won't send for you
That's the reason Joseph, is one deep until he die
I ain't gotta wonder why, my people want to see me fly, **** em

[Hook - 2x]

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