ZZ Top - Buck Nekkid Lyrics

Artist: ZZ Top Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Mescalero
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I'm two shots shy of a 40 ounce quart
A hand in the pocket and a hand in your shorts
Shoot me with two and don't be slow
You only got one good way to go

And get naked, buck naked
Buck naked, it's the only way to go

Twenty six chicks, all tied in a knot
Ain't all good, but it's what we got

So get naked, buck naked
Let me see you naked, it's the only way to go
Get naked just

Buck, buck

I was feelin' so fine and things were lookin' better
My baby said, "Maybe" and I said I'd let her

Get naked, buck naked
Let's get naked, it's the only way to go

Get naked, everybody get naked
Buck naked, it's the onliest way to go
Get naked, get naked, get buck naked, yeah

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