Zakk Wylde - 1,000,000 Miles Away Lyrics

Writer(s) : ZACK WYLDE
Artist: Zakk Wylde Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Book of Shadows
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Sailing across my ocean
Sailing across my sea
I fill it up with hope Lord
I drown in empty misery

Sailin' across my heaven
Sailing across my star
Until I find the voice I've been hearing in my head
Forever couldn't be too far...yeah

Oh it couldn't be to far
Oh it couldn't be to far

The cold wind blows
Like a leaf on a tree
I can feel myself fallin Lord
I need your guiding hand to catch me
When you hear yourself this song
I hope it brings yourself a smile
The times we had we thought would last forever
But forever only lasts a little while
Forever only lasts a little while...yeah

Loneliness my friend
I'll think about you every day
As I sail into the light, a million miles away

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