Zebrahead - Falling Apart Lyrics

Artist: Zebrahead Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on MFZB
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Stutter step through another trap set by deception
Mention rejection
Always lies in your eyes
Settles in your action
Jeopardize everything that I want
And I won't compromise anything anymore
In any way victimize myself any more
Liberty (yeah)

Manipulations on my mind
Expectations well defined
Frustrate me
Liberate me

Cause everything's falling apart
You can't control me, You can't control me
Everything's falling apart
Now I can't see you
Doesn't matter what I do
I can't see you

Cause everything's falling apart
I got exposed to a deeper form of infection
Shout out "I need acception"
Always lies in your eyes
Settles in your action

Criticize everything that I do
And I will overcome anything that's in store
Nevermore look up to you and adore
Liberty (yeah)


Manipulation is on my mind
Inspect me, try to check me
Expectations well defined
Dissect me, want to wreck me
Violator of my own will
Accept me- reject me
Separate or shoot to kill


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