Zed - Did Nobody Tell You Lyrics

Artist: Zed Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on This Little Empire
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Did nobody tell you that a feast right now you’ll pay for
With your life
It’s such a familiar tale to tell
And the holes in your pockets you’ll stitch them up but
They’ll just give in time
Your fortune behind you in a line

And now that we’re here
We’re taking our time
Who knows where this may lead
In one hundred years from now
We could all be on our knees
And this is the day
We’re bringing you down
Who knows just what we’ll see over 15,000 miles

Did nobody hear you when you spoke of all the things
You’d left behind
There’s maaaaaadness in every single line
And if you need courage you can be inspired cos faith
Will save your life
As victims of continual strife

You reach the disappointing day when nothing ever goes
Your way
And looking back you had things not so bad…

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