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Album: Track 8 on Pilgrimage
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Back at least 5000 years
People are sailing
First in really simple ships
Courageous and daring

astronauts all in race
Astronauts of the space
Astronauts all in race
Explorers of the space.

Chained, in fragile vessels banned
These seamen faced
Totally obscure element
Wild waves, fierce gales
Try to harness each hour
To use the wind for power
Try to harness
The wind for power.

It's an adventure into the unknown,
Pioneer of the storm.
Trust, only trusting the sun
Trusting the stars
That's all, they had to lean on
Moon Venus Mars
Each voyage a risk to get wrecked
A journey called "never come back"
Each voyage a risk to get wrecked
A journey called Pioneer of the storm.

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