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Artist: Zeke Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Super Sound Racing
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well now down deep in the ozarks man, there were i was born, my grandfather owned a still and raised a field of corn. he told me boy, you gonna carry on this family tradition, then he willed me the still plus all the guns and ammunition. you better start runnin' when the bullets start to fly. you better understand you face flash in the sky. i'm runnin' shine. my grandfather taught me all the secrets of the trade, he taught me how to drink and sell the best of what i made. he taught me how to utilize the guns and ammuntion and he ataught me how to deal with those who envied my position. one day sheriff gerald coltrane came a knockin' at my door, he told me you won't be makin' that corn liquor no more. i finally got to utilize the guns and ammunition and i finally got to deal with whose who envied my position.

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