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Album: Track 8 on Zoot Woman
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Useless anyway
Nothing left to say
All the **** we start to speak
Stuck in tracks
We made too deep
Heads replace the heart
Fate exchanged for luck
Left to wait not work it out
Acting sane won't calm
you down

Useless anyway
Nothing left to say
Now I've lost sympaty
To worthless self pity
Found comfort at the start
Then we watched it fall apart
Losing everything we had
Been complaining for too long

So here we are
Where are we

Questions love don't let it be
Is it you or is it me
Made excuses made mistakes
Nothing left to contemplate
Forget what you won't forgive
Cos I can't take it anymore
All that's left just irritates
No I can't take it anymore

So here we are
Where are we

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