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Artist: ZOX Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Take Me Home
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what a difference a day makes
silence so delicious on days like these
and by the time that my resolve breaks
i've already found the beauty down on my knees
you know i want to be something
i never want to be someone new
some people telling me one thing
but i know if i fall i'll hold on to you

there must have been an angel inside my room
there must have been a smile somewhere in your star tatoo
so twinkle twinkle in your eyes the way it should
there must have been an angel there inside my room

i've got the strength for believing
life is so contagious in times like these
you might say it's the season
and lift me up if i ask you please
i got a heart for intentions
don't always know where i'm gonna go
lead you a different direction
i can change your life if you let me grow

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