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Album: Track 12 on Take Me Home
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lying on my back i feel you breathing
sucking down the ghosts into your sleep
there's something in your spine that makes me nervous
and the black that swells between us grows more deep
i cut the world in chords making melodies from words and i'm confused again
take all this abuse because i ain't got much to lose

it's a starry starry night out here on hope street
but hope gives way to hunger when you're poor
and with pockets full of promises and poems
i know that you ain't worth much anymore
spoke in broken time crooked rythyms twisted rhymes and i'm confused again
paint my world in blue because i've never liked to lose

i don't think i want to spend another night with you
i don't think i want to spend another day feeling the way you leave me to

standing in the half light of the morning
i watch the shadows lace across my shoes
there's something in your voice that makes me nervous
if i can tell we're lying why can't you?
the song that's in my head is playing backwards in this bed and i'm confused again
seems like i have to choose it feels like either way i lose

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