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This is a man who needs a womanI'm not afraid to say
what I feelI'll never be unfaithfulI've
been wrong and lived the lonely life
Silence is loud
without her whispers
My body craves her touch
Such aremy prayers every break of dawn
To open my eyes and see her
by my side
Chorus:When the earth shakes and the tide
Feels like a woman
So much power takes mybreath away
When the sun beats satin blue sheets
Feelslike a womanI am sweating,
begging her to stay with me
This is a man who needs a woman
In all of my world, in my
nightsIf i don't live up to this promise
Then Iam wrong, I have no right
This is a man who needs a woman
I'm not afraid tosay what I feel
'll never be unfaithful
AndI'll be one with no demands

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