Zucchero - Wonderful World Lyrics

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Album: Track 2 on Zucchero
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I tell ya brother, man **** happens
By the way, howzit with you?
Check out the kid, finger on the button
Oh yeah, it's a wonderful world, huh

Got no desire, uh, to desire
Hey Jack, ain't that a trip?
And you Madam, standing here for hire
Oh yeah, where's your wonderful world?

I'll be leaving in the morning
Far away from you
yes I'm taking that step
I'm gonna jump inthe blue
Falling,ending my depression
It's calling, oh my obsession

There might be days, when I think it's better
Hey Babe, like you to want me to be
Pull the chain, down goes the water
Oh yeah, it's a wonderful world

Refrain 2x

Agiant step in the blue


Falling, ending my depression
It's coming, I can feel the vibration
Falling, ending my depression
It's calling, give me wings
Give me the liberation
I been lonely Lord
A final jump in the blue
Oh no oh no
A giant step in the blue
Oh no oh no
A final jump in the blue

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