Backstreet Boys - Not for Me Lyrics

Artist: Backstreet Boys Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Black & Blue
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Yeah yeah

I was looking for something
On the crime scene where you're in too deep
I found a note with his number
It's just another clue (that leads to you)

I got a little suspicious
I got a feeling that you ain't true to me
I should've known better
Than to buy your lie (your sweet disguise)

You can fool anyone but I've got eyes to see
that you're not for me babe

No no, uh uh
Things will never be the same again with you
No no, uh uh
Now I know what it's comin' to
No no, uh uh
'cause' if you think that it's the way
That love should be
Let me tell you it's not for me

No no

I don't want to be part of your screenplay
Just tell me
Did you rehearse on me?
Now give me the story
On baby who's to blame (maybe I am)
Caught in the middle
And I'm tired of your games of hide and seek
I'm getting a feeling
That it's time for me to leave

You can fool anyone but I've got eyes to see
That you're not for me babe


Yeah (yeah)
I said no no (no way)
No no, no no (whoa)

I had enough of your talk, your games
And you won't go away
Justify my reasons to say
(Say, reasons to say)

[Chorus: x2]

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