Ben Lee How to Survive a Broken Heart Lyrics

Artist: Ben Lee
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 2:49

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I should let this go but I just can't
And now it's just a lesson I can't grasp
So what's really the best that I could do
To hope to see you every year or two

And the things you said
Do they still make sense
Could you mean them now
Did you even mean them then
I could torture myself insane and tense
But I don't have the strength

I'm crushed in pain you drifted through my life
But even looking back I know it's right
I gave you my heart scared complete and whole
When all you ever asked for was my soul

And there's nothing left
But a song or two
That mean not a thing
If I can't play them for you
If I could hear your voice just one more time
Maybe I'd be fine

But I guess I won't
Cause it's too late now
And I guess you're gone
Cause it's too late now
And the pain I feel
Is all I can take
Maybe this turn of karma
Is too late
Maybe I was wrong
Maybe I was caught in a net of passion
Maybe I was caught
Maybe I should take it all with salt
And soon I'll believe that it's not my fault
And it's not my fault [Repeat: x6]
If I say it enough
I'll believe that it's not my fault