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Artist: Beyoncé Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Dangerously in Love
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Pure players
Pure players

Slowly as Sir Luscious step up like a q-dog
A-town's up, deuces down--it's the new call
And you can dial 1-888-cut-something
I'm your kinky operator when you want to **** something
Ain't no dial tones, just milestones of pleasure to reach
To each his own--I'm a stone cold Aquarian freak
Humanitarian, barbarian, but under the sheets
It's the player from the point and your girl from the d

Are you infatuated with me?
I could end your curiosity
If you don't think I'm too rude
Here's your chance to make your move

I sit and wait for nobody
People say that my style is so crazy
I think you like it, baby
Do you want to get nasty?
I dare you to undress me

Baby, let me know if you want to roll
With this hip hop star
Bamboos on, pants down low
I'm a rock star
Baby, let me know if you want to ride with this
Hip hop star
I'm a rock star

Do I blow you away?
Do I stimulate your mind?
Would you taste my love if I kick it tight?
I have none to waste with you
I guess you can say

My style is so crazy
I think you like it, baby
Do you want to get messy?
I dare you to undress me


Undress me, undress me
You can come
Come, baby, undress me

Take off that tank top and pull off them drawers
The girls all pause--got 'em drippin' down they sugar walls
Oh no, gettin' to the nappy root
Knocking boots and stilettos--damn, I keep it ghetto
A cool type of fellow, mellow, got the gold medal
Never settle for less, my rose petal
Tooey, tooey, tooey, spit game
Venom to get it up in 'em; let me "p" pop that thing
First check her brain to see if she's sane
Deranged or strange or crazy as hell
You never can tell these days
Everybody got a little Rick James in they veins, man

The way I feel, ooo, girl, I know it's 'bout to be
Me all on you and damn girl you all over me


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